Music and lyric by Jillian LaDage

She was promised to a king's son
His promise unkept
Fair lady he was thrown into the lake beyond
The marriage will not commence
With tender heart she tarried the day - Until she was unseen
To the lake beyond where her love was gone
The white trout swam the stream

Bonny was the lady in the castle, O Love
Bonny was the lady where she pined on her knees
O Love, O Love

The villagers say, "It was faeries took her away"
Years upon years the trout was just there
Never heard of afore nor since
No harm put toward her

Laughing they came the soldiers one day
Caught her away and sneered
Blackguard away to his home and pan
The fire, the knife
And jumping out up arise a lovely Lady
The beautifulest ever seen
Dressed in white and a band o' gold in her hair
With blood running down says she, "Look where you cut me!"
And held out her arm, 
"Villain could you not leave me cool
In the river where I swam?"

"Disturbing my duty I was watching for my true love."
Well he trembled, stammered and begged for his life
"Pardon my Lady, for I knew not,
A good soldier am I"

"If he comes whilst I'm away,
I'll haunt you up and down forevermore this day,
While grass grows or water runs,
Be a good man for the further
Put me back in the river."