Christmas In The Olden Time

Words: Sir Walter Scott
Adapted and Arranged by: Jillian LaDage
Music: Jillian LaDage

Heap on more wood! the wind is chill
But let it whistle as it will
We'll keep our Christmas merry still
Each age has deemed the new born year

Domestic and religious rite gave honor to the holy night
On Christmas eve the bells were rung
On Christmas eve the mass was sung
That only night in all the year

The damsel donned her kirtle sheen
The hall was dressed with holly green
Forth to the wood did merry men go
To gather in the mistletoe
Then opened wide the baron's hail
To vassal, tenant, serf, and all
Power laid his rod of rule aside
And ceremony doff'd his pride

And general voice, the happy night
That to the cottage, as the crown
Brought tidings of salvation down

The fire with well dried logs supplied
Went roaring up the chimney wide
The huge hall table's oaken face
Scrubbed til it shone the day of grace
Bore then upon the massive board
No mark to part the squire and lord

Then was brought in the lusty brawn
By old, blue coated serving man
Then the grim boar's head frowned on high
Crested with bays and rosemary

The Wassail round in good brown bowls
Garnished with ribbon blithely trolls
Then came the merry masquers in
And carols roar'd with blithesome din

If unmelodious was the song
It was a hearty note and strong
Who lists may in their mumming see
Traces of ancient mystery

'Twas Christmas broached the mightiest ale
'Twas Christmas told the merriest tale
A Christmas gambol oft would cheer
A poor mans' heart through half the year