Music and lyric by Jillian LaDage

The daughter toils
The daughter spins
From morn 'til night the day begins
I have no place to lay and rest
The foxes burrow within their dens
The birds reside within their nest

My heart beat light, my head lay bare
The shade was long beneath the year
Sorrows grew as morning dew
The shadowed night belonged with you
Tears ran dry in streams anew
The threaded night a shroud in black
The silence sings a lullaby
On the mist and eve that grew
The ivory wall which leads to you
A silent wall as I walk through

Through ivy gates and stairways flew
My heart, my hand, my life I knew
I lay my head upon thy breast
Dream this night was only this
The sun to come, and dawn persists
My dream lies done, my dream of you
Places near, and far from view
I found myself with your hand
The land beat quick as footsteps ran
This morning light brought all to view

They rode the walls beside the gates
They pulled their oars with all haste
A fire grew where none were left
Here in the haze I ran to you
The ivory walls once stood so proud
Their ivy gates would win the crowd
All alabaster dreams had I
Poured to dust beneath the sky
An ivory wall that comes to you
One eve of night while midnight grew