Celtic MP3's Music Magazine Reviews "The Ancestry"

Oh dear. This is a lovely, lovely CD. Jillian LaDage's voice is breathtaking and I really enjoyed the musical arrangements here. The opening track is dreamlike, setting the stage for a trip through a musical journey that is as interesting as it is pleasurable. I wasn't really sure what to expect along the way, but it was full of nice surprises.

Exploration is one of the key factors this CD gives to the listener. We do indeed go on the ride with LaDage as she treats everyone to her vocals, as well as unique instrumentation. You'll hear harp, piano, hurdy gurdy, guitar, bodhran, tabla, clarinet, viola, violin, cello and uillean pipes all making timely and well orchestrated appearances.

This is not music for its own sake. Indeed, LaDage was inspired by the history of the Celts, and she is very thoughtful about each and every track that appears on this album. It does not go unnoticed. Her liner notes educate those who care to learn about her musical journey, and it is a fascinating read. This is a deep soul who has managed to find her art and connect it to her passionate spirit. The fact that she is very talented is almost an extra here. Everything goes together beautifully-it's like a great stew.

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