Fueling Soulful discovery & exploration of ancient cultures, paths, and sounds.

Founded in 2007 as a one artist World Music company and record label, Tarith Cote is owned by Symphonic Celtic World Vocalist/Composer Jillian LaDage. As an artist owned company, we see our work in the world as being a facilitator of four tenants: meditation, healing, transmutation, and change. Inherent of our vision, the name Tarith Cote is a pairing of alchemical principle, turning the ordinary into gold by employing Mercury or Tarith, and the symbolic ancient meaning of cote, passing through to that which is beyond, Cote.

We believe an integral part of this business of music is to connect and contribute to like-minded individuals, companies, and organizations while standing on the principles of balance and integrity. While seeking to be informed on new teachings embodying our four tenants, business practices, and music models, we do so while keeping in mind what is the best way to reach you, and continue to be apart of your lives as you are apart of ours.

Tarith Cote has European distribution via the French folk and world beat label, Prikosnovenie ~ http://www.prikosnovenie.com/ 

Tarith Cote is located in Moorhead, Minnesota and is a partner of The Arts Partnership, The MN Music CoalitionThe Minnesota Association of Songwriters and BMI