The whispers of legends and mysteries lost and awaiting discovery echo...” ( Michael Lohr, Celtic Life Magazine Canada)

Jillian LaDage is an 'eclectic' Celtic World Singer/Composer  known for taking audiences on a breathtaking voyage around the globe with her 'eclectic' Celtic and Middle Eastern inspired themes. Her soaring dramatic soprano vocals journey through the pages of the centuries where the mysteries and legends await discovery. Reminiscent of Loreena McKennitt and Enya she is also a pianist and harpist and the owner of the private record label, Tarith Cote.

Her latest release a single, An Samhradh (St.John's Eve), brings to life the Fire Festival and Irish/Scottish Summer-Harvest celebrations. This project was funded by a grant through The Arts Partnership and Jade Presents and features a lush soundtrack and storytelling. "Looking at the many Celtic fire celebrations in summer's past I felt lured in by not only the way we celebrate summer now as a modern people but also to the customs of the old ways, Ireland and bonfire night."

In 2016 Jillian had the honor of being one of the few selected to be apart of the Silk Road Musicians Workshop.

Following up on the international success of The Ancestry, in 2015 Enchanted Winter, her sophomore album was released through her label, Tarith Cote. Featuring new seasonal pieces alongside lesser known traditional songs with a wide range of musical nuances from Celtic to Middle Eastern. The literary work of Sir Walter Scott’s “Christmas In The Olden Time” set in hauntingly medieval strains lead to the traditional inspired lament “Come Winter Ground” into Middle East dance inspired rhythms of “Bergamask Dance.”  A special feature of the album took the listener fuller into immersion of this enchanted world, with a create your own art from the original hand drawn cover with the adult coloring book inspired page made available as a bonus download. “Out of all the seasons winter perhaps embodies the greatest sense of mystery and wonder. Exploring the diverse celebrations and traditions of this season I hoped to discover what indeed is this enchantment, which is only found during these few months of the year and leads us into quiet contemplative months or joy and awe.

Jillian LaDage’s voice is breathtaking.” (Catherine L. Tully, Celtic MP3’s Music Magazine)

”Provocative songs that demonstrate the timelessness of Celtic, classical and Middle Eastern music...placed in capable hands of a talented independent artist...” Michael Swanger, CityView, Des Moines, IA

”LaDage’s love to the historical world leads us through ancient times, places and customs…” - Adolf ‘gorhand’ Goriup, FolkWorld, Germany)

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