The whispers of legends and mysteries lost and awaiting discovery echo...” ( Michael Lohr, Celtic Life Magazine Canada)

Leading on a breathtaking voyage around the globe, Jillian LaDage is the fresh voice of Celtic & World music. Fans describe her as "the new Loreena McKennitt" and her songs as a "new wave of Celtic Mythology." 

Her soaring ethereal & mystical voice takes you on a journey through the pages of centuries long gone to where mystery and legend awaits.

Her debut private-label(Tarith Cote) released album The Ancestry garnered International acclaim, 5-star reviews and a distribution deal with World Beat label, Prikosnovenie. Featuring string virtuoso Chris Wagoner & Mary Gaines (Sting, Carrie Newcomer), Grammy award winning Percussionist, Todd Hammes and mastered at the legendary Gateway Mastering Studios (Loreena McKennitt).

In the fall of 2015, Jillian released Enchanted Winter the much anticipated Celtic seasonal album with both new songs for the season and reimaginings of the old. 

Her latest release, a single, An Samhradh (St.John's Eve), became available in the summer of 2016 & brings to life the Fire Festival and Irish/Scottish Summer-Harvest celebrations. It is exclusively available on her site only.

Jillian LaDage has taken the Celtic world by storm achieving success as both a touring artist, recording artist, songwriter and voice coach. She is currently on hiatus from touring after struggling with chronic illness and being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She plans to tour again one day but is unable to say when. As for now, she is continuing to focus on her healing, songwriting and helping other vocalists achieve vocal freedom.

Jillian LaDage’s voice is breathtaking.” (Catherine L. Tully, Celtic MP3’s Music Magazine)

”Provocative songs that demonstrate the timelessness of Celtic, classical and Middle Eastern music...placed in capable hands of a talented independent artist...” Michael Swanger, CityView, Des Moines, IA

”LaDage’s love to the historical world leads us through ancient times, places and customs…” - Adolf ‘gorhand’ Goriup, FolkWorld, Germany)

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