Celtic Guide Magazine an Interview

Jillian was recently interviewed by James A. McQuiston of Celtic Guide magazine for the December 2016 issue. Speaking on how music found her, what is the craziest thing she has done as a musician and what she sees for music in the future. Find the interview beginning on page 17  >>>Celtic Guide Magazine<<<

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have another great musical guest interview this month. Jillian LaDage blends Celtic and Middle Eastern music together in a self-produced CD sure to be enjoyed by many.

CG: Welcome to the pages of Celtic Guide. You have such an interesting sound, blending two seemingly disparate styles of music. Can you tell us a little bit about your background – where you are from, your instrumentation, and why you chose to blend these two styles together in your music?

JL: Thank you for the warm welcome! My foray into music at first had nothing to do with my heritage which is both Irish and Scottish by way of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where some distant ancestors first landed ashore in North America. Music chose me and not the other way around. As if it was always in my blood and there could be no other outcome....

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Featuring images from Jillian's personal travels alongside pictures captured by Artist Nichole Rae and Carol Zielinski, "Bonny Was The Lady (The Legend of Cong)" is an epic 10 minute! Lyric video traveling through Ireland, Scotland & Nova Scotia. Inspired by Samuel Lover's version of The White Trout, the song is from the album, "The Ancestry" Original Music & Lyrics by Jillian LaDage

Jillian LaDage is an 'eclectic' Celtic Mid East Songstress & Harpist Celtic Love Song +++Purchase Direct from Jillian LaDage http://CelticJillianMusic.com Inspired by Samuel Lovers version of, The White Trout...it is our enduring quest for love, life, and happiness.

Wallpaper, Oscar Wilde and The Online Musician

What does Wallpaper, Oscar Wilde and The Online Musician have to do with each other?

So I entered a contest...last minute...my preferred method for these things! I am not usually one for contests but this one didn't require too much sweat and blood from me and could win me some new music gear.
I'm sharing a little more about what I've been up to as well as some personal struggles.

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Listen to Enchanted Winter on award winning Highlander Radio!

Jillian's latest album is now being played across the award winning Celtic Radio Network including Highlander Radio.  Head on over to listen on the go, share, and leave a review to help others discover the music.

"Above everything else we are a community of peoples from across the world that share the common interest of Celtic music and culture. Whether your background is Irish, Welsh, Spanish, English or Scottish – we are all bound by the same ancesteral Fathers and Mothers that brought us searching for this music and our roots." via CelticRadio.net

Celtic Songstress Jillian LaDage Releases Enchanted Winter

Just in time for the holidays and the contemplative days of winter ahead, Tarith Cote is pleased to release International Celtic World Vocalist, Composer and Woodstock, Illinois native, Jillian LaDage’s Enchanted Winter. Featuring nine winter seasonal pieces alongside lesser known traditional songs with a wide range of musical nuances from Celtic to Middle Eastern. The literary work of Sir Walter Scott’s “Christmas In The Olden Time” set in hauntingly medieval strains lead to the traditional inspired lament “Come Winter Ground” into Middle East dance inspired rhythms of “Bergamask Dance.”  While being immersed in this enchanted world, create your own art from the original hand drawn cover by local Woodstock artist, Denise Wyse, with the adult coloring book inspired page available as a bonus download.

“Out of all the seasons winter perhaps embodies the greatest sense of mystery and wonder. Exploring the diverse celebrations and traditions of this season I hoped to discover what indeed is this enchantment, which is only found during these few months of the year and leads us into quiet contemplative months or joy and awe.”

Jillian LaDage is an Irish-American Celtic World vocalist, composer, pianist, and harpist with ancient Celtic and Middle Eastern influences. She is known for taking audiences on a breathtaking voyage around the globe, through the pages of the centuries where the mysteries and legends await discovery through her soaring dramatic soprano vocals.  With her debut album, The Ancestry she received International distribution and acclaim likening her to Loreena Mckennitt and Karan Casey. “The whispers of legends and mysteries lost and awaiting discovery echo..."(Michael Lohr, Celtic Life Magazine Canada) “Jillian LaDage’s voice is breathtaking.” (Catherine L. Tully, Celtic MP3’s Music Magazine)

Enchanted Winter is available now as a digital download at www.JillianLaDage.com

A Limited Edition Enchanted Winter CD is can be be pre-ordered with an instant download and will be available December 18 through the website and at select retailers.



Jillian Awarded Community Supported Art Grant

I am pleased to announce I am a recipient of the 2016 Arts Partnership CSA Grant! I will be performing an exclusive set of music curated for shareholders in July 2016. 
"Modeled after the Community Supported Agriculture program, TAP’s CSA also operates under the goals of being local, sustainable and community-driven. The motivation: introduce arts supporters to local artists and help build audiences and purchasers for their work."

Quotes To Music Video Series

If you follow Jillian on Facebook or Twitter many of you already know she is very passionate about posting quotes that inspire her in her daily life and spiritual practice. In the new Quotes to Music Series she has taken these inspirations and composed music to inspire YOU. In the coming weeks ahead a new song will be created to fit the selected quote of the week and appear as aYoutube video shared first through the TC Community, and posted on YoutubeFacebook andTwitter. Take a listen to the first two quotes in the series"Remember..." inspired by Rumi  and"Said the Butterfly Fairy" inspired by Hans Christian Andersen and subscribe, leave a her a comment or a like! 

Jillian Featured In Marc Gunn Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

Jillian's composition "Manzikert" from The Ancestry, was featured as part of Marc Gunn's Irish and Celtic Music Podcast 104 on May 25th. We are so thrilled the music is being so warmly received by the Podcast community.  You can vote now for "Manzikert" to be your favourite song of the Podcast in the Celtic Top 5 and help Jillian be featured at the end of the year in the Best of the Year Podcast. Cast your vote here Celtic Music Podcast 104 VOTE Manzikert 

Elevated Difference The Ancestry Review

The latest review is in for The Ancestry, and comes from Music Magazine Elevated Difference. Outside of the Celtic World music realm this review has found the crossover qualities of Jillian's music and leads into a broader understanding of music as a language regardless of familiarity with a particular style or genre. A sneak peak:

"...I was mesmerized by their ethereal, timelessly feminine charm. I felt like I was listening to the soundtrack of a film in the same genre and of the same scope as The Lord of the Rings. LaDage's voice has incredible allure and purity, and as the cover picture suggests, she even plays harp (plus piano or keyboards) on several tracks." Juli Ann, Elevated Difference

To read the full review and post your comments visit Elevated Difference Jillian LaDage The Ancestry

Broceliande - Celtic Seasons French Book CD released featuring Jillian LaDage's "The Black Woods"

Tarith Cote is pleased to announce the release of, Broceliande, a Celtic Seasons Lullaby and Legends Book CD featuring Jillian LaDage's, "The Black Woods". Based on the Celtic season phases of the Sun, Moon and Nature, Broceliande is a 36 page CD/Book of 14 Celtic tales with illustrations by Sabine Adélaide, produced by French World Beat Distributor and Record Label, Prikosnovenie. You may order it for $25(18Euros) fromhttp://www.prikosnovenie.com/groupes/lullabies-from-broceliande.html

Mossip Audio Blog Review - The Ancestry

Mossip a music community and Audio Blog featuring Concert/Album reviews recently posted an engaging review of Jillian LaDage's, The Ancestry. "The music from The Ancestry has the ability to take its listeners back to a time when traveling minstrels were commonplace and village folk celebrated in large halls with the lords and ladies of the realm. Jillian brings the old world to the new with ease on The Ancestry. The combination of instruments and their arrangements combined with her sweet voice, make this album one of note. It is more than just Celtic sounding songs, it is an education in an ancient culture that still influences many in modern society. World music welcomes Jillian LaDage with open arms into the fold."

"Bonny Was The Lady" on Mental Nomad Podcast:Eclectic Music Podcast

"Bonny Was The Lady (The Legend of Cong)" was recently featured alongside "Midsummer's Night" on Mental Nomad Pocast produced by Jason R. Tippitt Podcaster, Blogger / Audio Blogger, Online Writer / Zine. Jillian is pleased and excited for the debut podcast airing "Bonny Was The Lady" saying, "When you compose over a 9 minute song, as a composer you take the chance for art knowing very well this song, that you've poured your heart and soul into may never be heard outside of the actual CD, then someone comes along and essentially says this is great enough to take the space of 3 or 4 other songs they could play in that amount of  time and puts it to the top of the list, it is one of the best moments."


Marc Gunn's Irish and Celtic Music Podcast features "Manzikert"

After a successful release of "Midsummer's Night" on Marc Gunn's Irish and Celtic Music Podcast, these folks are back for more! Featuring a free download of "Manzikert" on the Celtic MP3'S Music Magazine in September Jillian is praised as, "...an amazing talent. Her eclectic and evocative style of Celtic/World music is not just crossing borders, but also centuries and traditions."