Celtic Guide Magazine an Interview

Jillian was recently interviewed by James A. McQuiston of Celtic Guide magazine for the December 2016 issue. Speaking on how music found her, what is the craziest thing she has done as a musician and what she sees for music in the future. Find the interview beginning on page 17  >>>Celtic Guide Magazine<<<

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have another great musical guest interview this month. Jillian LaDage blends Celtic and Middle Eastern music together in a self-produced CD sure to be enjoyed by many.

CG: Welcome to the pages of Celtic Guide. You have such an interesting sound, blending two seemingly disparate styles of music. Can you tell us a little bit about your background – where you are from, your instrumentation, and why you chose to blend these two styles together in your music?

JL: Thank you for the warm welcome! My foray into music at first had nothing to do with my heritage which is both Irish and Scottish by way of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where some distant ancestors first landed ashore in North America. Music chose me and not the other way around. As if it was always in my blood and there could be no other outcome....

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