Celtic MP3's Music Magazine Reviews "The Ancestry"

Oh dear. This is a lovely, lovely CD. Jillian LaDage's voice is breathtaking and I really enjoyed the musical arrangements here. The opening track is dreamlike, setting the stage for a trip through a musical journey that is as interesting as it is pleasurable. I wasn't really sure what to expect along the way, but it was full of nice surprises.

Exploration is one of the key factors this CD gives to the listener. We do indeed go on the ride with LaDage as she treats everyone to her vocals, as well as unique instrumentation. You'll hear harp, piano, hurdy gurdy, guitar, bodhran, tabla, clarinet, viola, violin, cello and uillean pipes all making timely and well orchestrated appearances.

This is not music for its own sake. Indeed, LaDage was inspired by the history of the Celts, and she is very thoughtful about each and every track that appears on this album. It does not go unnoticed. Her liner notes educate those who care to learn about her musical journey, and it is a fascinating read. This is a deep soul who has managed to find her art and connect it to her passionate spirit. The fact that she is very talented is almost an extra here. Everything goes together beautifully-it's like a great stew.

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Celtic Life Magazine Canada - Sailing Through the Temples of Memory

What is the story behind the story? 
Follow the paths behind the making of Jillian's debut album "a Celtic and Middle Eastern tapestry woven in the dust of ancient Anatolia and Ireland." with Music Journalist Michael Lohr as he gets to the heart of the matter in this interview/review for Canada's Celtic Life Magazine. From choosing the songs for the album, how she found her way to learning the harp, what makes a song Celtic and beyond to what Jillian calls the temples of memory be apart of the first thoughts towards "The Ancestry".

"The whispers of legends and mysteries lost and awaiting discovery echo through the notes of these songs. It's as if something is triggering primal memories deep within our being. Jillian calls this sailing through the temples of memory. And just like Loreena McKennitt, Jillian LaDage is the perfect musician to assist you on your journey."

Read the entire interview and review Celtic Life Magazine Celtic Music Corner

A Candid Interview with Jillian LaDage For Juniors Cave Online Magazine

In a recent interview with Isaac Hayes Jr., editor of Juniors Cave Online Magazine, Jillian spoke of her early childhood influences, growing up on the farm, "...with music from the dairy barn where Van Halen sang from above the rows of milking cows attended by my Dad morning and night to the strains of Amy Grant in our family kitchen..." Christmas, and the obstacles she faced as a budding young singer that almost had her walking away from music. Jillian also touches on future goals, plans and this business called music.

Read the entire interview at http://www.juniorscave.com/Jillian-LaDage.html

Folk World Magazine (Germany)

We are pleased to announce The Ancestry received a glowing review from the fine people over at Folk World Online Magazine. Here is a bit of what reviewer Adolf 'gorhand' Goriup had to say "...more traditional than Enya, less folksy than Moya Brennan and reminds a little bit of Loreena McKennitt."

In response to Folk World's description of herself Jillian said, "I could not have said it better myself! What sets this review apart is the acknowledgement of the artistry for my fellow musicians on this album. Without whom this entire project would not have been possible. I am most pleased with that."

To read the full review in Folk World Issue 40 11/2009 visit http://www.folkworld.de/40/e/cds4.htm

Procession Featured in Video for Loughcrew Equinox Illumination in Ireland

Dotted around the Slieve na Caillaigh hills at Loughcrew, are clusters of megalithic cairns amongst these is Cairn T. Although Newgrange is famous for its Winter Solstice sunrise less famous is the Equinox illumination on Carnbane East Loughcrew. The illumination of the chamber is captured in this video with Jillian's mystical music as sunlight is shaped through the passages of stones. The video is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yKJUFU7BXo

For more information on the illumination and the ancient monoliths visit http://www.knowth.com/loughcrew.htm

The Ancestry Reviewed in Cityview

Michael Swanger, music critic and reviewer for the Des Moines, Iowa newspaper Cityviewrecently reviewed Jillian LaDage's debut album, The Ancestry. "...ethereal vocals...provocative songs that demonstrate the timelessness of Celtic, classical and Middle Eastern music when placed in the capable hands of a talented independent artist like LaDage." Read the entire review http://www.dmcityview.com/archives/2009/04apr/04.09.09/cdreviews.shtml

Jillian's Cd The Ancestry Featured In The Tartan Telegraph

The Tartan Telegraph, the newsletter for the St. Andrew's Society of Springfield, MO recently reviewed Jillian LaDage's debut album, The Ancestry as "...a sophisticated recording" and "...précise and evocative vocals and harp-playing. The result is a truly rich polyphonic soundscape." Beau Buffington, Midwinter, Vol. 3 Issue 6. Read the entire review at http://www.jabuffington.com/about/tartantelegraph.htm

Tarith Cote Annouces The Release Of Jillian Ladage's, The Ancestry

In time for the holiday season and the quiet contemplative winter months ahead, Tarith Cote is pleased to release Jillian LaDage's The Ancestry. The highly anticipated debut album features nine new songs with an array of influences from Celtic to classical to Middle Eastern. From the intricately woven instrumental "Manzikert," to the hauntingly melodic, traditional folklore inspired strains of "Bonny Was The Lady," through the balladry of "Endless Knot" and the evocative rhythms of "Midsummer's Night," the rich musical tapestry journeys from the medieval sands of Turkey, to the Byzantine Empire, into the moors and legends of the ancient Celts, onward through temples of memory. With Ms. LaDage providing vocals, as well as accompaniment on piano and harp, the record features a diverse instrumentation that includes hurdy gurdy, guitar, clarinet, viola, violin, cello, uillean pipes, tabla, bodhran and more.

Ms. LaDage recorded the material for The Ancestry at Smart Studios, Madison, Wisconsin and the album was mastered by Adam Ayan, Portland, Maine at the legendary Gateway Mastering Studios.

"I came across a reference to the Celts in Asia Minor early in the eleventh century as the Mediterranean world and the world around them came to a crossroads and began to follow the migration of the many Celtic tribes as the Byzantine Empire declined and the Normans invaded the British Isles," Jillian explains. "The memories that had passed into the resting places of history, myth, legend, and forgotten happenings were events that drew me to the stepping stone of remembrance and lineage. In turn this became the foundation of the music, and as I experienced it, the common thread that held the Celts together through the opening of this great cultural Pandora's Box."

The CD, along with a digital download version will be available online at the Official Website of Jillian LaDage and Ms. LaDage's label, Tarith Cote, www.tarithcote.com, as well as through select retailers, December 9th.