Tarith Cote Annouces The Release Of Jillian Ladage's, The Ancestry

In time for the holiday season and the quiet contemplative winter months ahead, Tarith Cote is pleased to release Jillian LaDage's The Ancestry. The highly anticipated debut album features nine new songs with an array of influences from Celtic to classical to Middle Eastern. From the intricately woven instrumental "Manzikert," to the hauntingly melodic, traditional folklore inspired strains of "Bonny Was The Lady," through the balladry of "Endless Knot" and the evocative rhythms of "Midsummer's Night," the rich musical tapestry journeys from the medieval sands of Turkey, to the Byzantine Empire, into the moors and legends of the ancient Celts, onward through temples of memory. With Ms. LaDage providing vocals, as well as accompaniment on piano and harp, the record features a diverse instrumentation that includes hurdy gurdy, guitar, clarinet, viola, violin, cello, uillean pipes, tabla, bodhran and more.

Ms. LaDage recorded the material for The Ancestry at Smart Studios, Madison, Wisconsin and the album was mastered by Adam Ayan, Portland, Maine at the legendary Gateway Mastering Studios.

"I came across a reference to the Celts in Asia Minor early in the eleventh century as the Mediterranean world and the world around them came to a crossroads and began to follow the migration of the many Celtic tribes as the Byzantine Empire declined and the Normans invaded the British Isles," Jillian explains. "The memories that had passed into the resting places of history, myth, legend, and forgotten happenings were events that drew me to the stepping stone of remembrance and lineage. In turn this became the foundation of the music, and as I experienced it, the common thread that held the Celts together through the opening of this great cultural Pandora's Box."

The CD, along with a digital download version will be available online at the Official Website of Jillian LaDage and Ms. LaDage's label, Tarith Cote, www.tarithcote.com, as well as through select retailers, December 9th.