Celtic Life Magazine Canada - Sailing Through the Temples of Memory

What is the story behind the story? 
Follow the paths behind the making of Jillian's debut album "a Celtic and Middle Eastern tapestry woven in the dust of ancient Anatolia and Ireland." with Music Journalist Michael Lohr as he gets to the heart of the matter in this interview/review for Canada's Celtic Life Magazine. From choosing the songs for the album, how she found her way to learning the harp, what makes a song Celtic and beyond to what Jillian calls the temples of memory be apart of the first thoughts towards "The Ancestry".

"The whispers of legends and mysteries lost and awaiting discovery echo through the notes of these songs. It's as if something is triggering primal memories deep within our being. Jillian calls this sailing through the temples of memory. And just like Loreena McKennitt, Jillian LaDage is the perfect musician to assist you on your journey."

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