Wallpaper, Oscar Wilde and The Online Musician

What does Wallpaper, Oscar Wilde and The Online Musician have to do with each other?

So I entered a contest...last minute...my preferred method for these things! I am not usually one for contests but this one didn't require too much sweat and blood from me and could win me some new music gear.
I'm sharing a little more about what I've been up to as well as some personal struggles.

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Jillian Awarded Community Supported Art Grant

I am pleased to announce I am a recipient of the 2016 Arts Partnership CSA Grant! I will be performing an exclusive set of music curated for shareholders in July 2016. 
"Modeled after the Community Supported Agriculture program, TAP’s CSA also operates under the goals of being local, sustainable and community-driven. The motivation: introduce arts supporters to local artists and help build audiences and purchasers for their work."